Stamp: Simple Javascript for Notch

A big Happy New Year! I’ve taken a few days off playing with this blog to relocate from the midlands where I was visiting family over the holidays back to Kent.

Today I’m sharing a simple Notch-Javascript setup that was built (but not used) when I was working with ice skaters across the summer of 2018. The idea of the setup is to take a position of a skater from a blacktrax beacon and on a given cue draw(stamp?) an image at their location. Keep the image onstage until the end of the scene. The intention was to draw cracks on the ice to amplify the landing of various tricks but in the end it was decided this was overkill. I’m sharing a simple proof of concept setup that can take up to 8 cues.

Incidentally I couldn’t find a node based solution to deliver this setup so If anyone has any good ideas I’d love to hear them!

You can download the Notch project file and Javascript here