So what's this all about?

A Thousand Unfinished Projects is a personal call to produce more, to learn more and to share more. Even if some of it sucks. 

Initially this has translated into trying to produce a daily render to improve my 3d skills however I've got intentions to broaden the scope of this project to include other mediums. 

Putting yourself on a schedule to produce means that some of the things you ship are going to suck and I'm pretty OK with that. Producing work that you might later cringe at gives you the opportunity to reflect and to improve.

Whilst we're on the subject of sucking, I've set myself up for failure by describing my graphics projects as "Daily Renders". Although I had a lot of fun producing these at the start of the year, balancing the technical delivery of the Brit Awards with making a square piece of art every day proved to be more than my brain could handle. I'm pretty sure #renderwhenyoucan won't be a trending hashtag anytime soon. But putting yourself on a schedule you know you can't meet isn't going make anyone feel warm and fuzzy about getting their art out. 

Going forward I'll be producing as often as sensible and not feeling too bad when the schedule doesn't allow it.